Budapest Art Factory International Artist and Curator Residency Program
The Budapest Art Factory International Artist and Curator Residency Program was launched in 2013. Within the framework of the program BAF invites internationally recognized artists and curators for a month of creative experience.

The goal of the program is to explore and reflect upon the ideas, concepts introduced by the invited art professionals, to create a vivid arena for intellectual discourse. Workshops, lectures, exhibitions and other events are organized  in order to bring forward a special theme that is culturally relevant.
We ensure that the invited art professionals benefit from their Hungarian sojourn by providing a studio, individual assistance throughout the residency as well  as widespread networking opportunities. During the residency organic connections are forged between the network of local art professionals  and those internationally acclaimed artists who are invited to collaborate.

In the past our events have been well received by the audience and are increasingly gaining the attention of the cultural arena of Hungary. Our mission is to continue along this line by presenting a strong program, promoting quality art from acclaimed art professionals, creating an intellectually stimulating public event which contributes to the mutual understanding and exchange of ideas between the art scenes of the involved countries and Hungary.

Lisa SOLBERG - Artist in residence, September, 2017


Radu BAIES - Artist in residence, August, 2017


Mircea BUT - Artist in residence, August, 2017


Hu HUIMING - Artist in residence, July, 2017


Peter PERI - Artist in residence, September - October, 2015

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