Gawie JOUBERT - Artist in residence, May-October, 2017


Gawie Joubert’s work is an exploration of his own identity. Though his ink and charcoal figures, the artist interweaves his understanding of himself in relation to nature and memory.

Joubert takes his cue from his childhood memories. The artist grew up in a small town on the North coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Here he began his adoration of nature. His parents educated him on fauna and flora and he fondly remembers spending countless hours playing, exploring, climbing and building forts in the forest.

Based on these early memories, the artist constructs charcoal figures that appear to be made of bark, twigs and leaves. These ethereal figures are a catalyst for his own identity. The artist interprets the fluid manner in which one’s identity is formed as vines – climbing and creeping over these figures. Much like personal identity, the growth and transformation of a plant is ever- changing. The use of items like feathers, mushrooms and plastic thoughts are inspired by ash memories from Joubert’s childhood. He believes that his adult identity was formed by these memories of experience from his childhood and they will always be embedded in him.

Nature and drawing is and has always been a form of escapism for Joubert. During his artistic process, he reminisces on childhood memories and feelings that are evoked when being in nature. The peaceful, happy and content moments of not being conned by anyone or any social structures. Since a young age, Joubert felt uneasy with a patriarchal construct of identity.

Joubert has always seen nature as his biggest inspiration. A place where nature and humans connect and create a synergy. A place where imagination has no limits and the mundane resurrects into new magical beings.


Born in 1988, Empangeni, South Africa
Lives and works in Durban South Africa


2007-2010 Honours Graphic Design, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

Teaching experience

2015 Full time Illustration Lecturer, DSSA, South Africa
Guest lecturer, CTI Midrand, South Africa
2014 Guest lecturer, CTI Midrand, South Africa


2017 Top 30 SA Taxi foundation art award
2014 Top 100 Thami Mnyele Fine Art Awards

Solo exhibitions

2017 Rust en Vrede, Cape Town, ZA  (Upcoming - November)
2016 Biophilia, In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg, ZA

Group exhibitions (selected)

2017 Jan Celliers, Lizamore & Associates, Johannesburg
20x20, In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg, ZA
SA Taxi foundation art awards, Lizamore & Associates, Johannesburg, ZA
New Beginnings, Red Room Unplugged, Cape Town, ZA
2016 SAADA, Red Room booth, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, ZA
That Art Fair, Red Room booth, The Palms, Cape Town, ZA
World art Dubai, Red Room, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, AE
30 x 30, Rust en Vrede, Cape Town, ZA
2015 Fresh Young Talent, In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg, ZA
#Voices against xenophobia, Greenside Quarter, Johannesburg, ZA
Turbine Art Fair, In Toto booth, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, ZA
Games People Play, Clover Aardklop Festival, Potchefstroom, ZA
Young Collectors, Fried Contemporary, Pretoria, ZA
Spring, The Art Room, Johannesburg, ZA
2014 Gold Rush, In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg, ZA
Menagerie, In Toto Gallery, Johannesburg, ZA
Turbine Art Fair, In Toto Gallery, Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, ZA
Colour in the Forest of Winter, The Art Room, Johannesburg, ZA
Joburg Fringe, Aerial Empire, Johannesburg, ZA
Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards, Coen Scholtz Recreational Centre, Johannesburg, ZA
Salon I, upstairs@bamboo, Johannesburg, ZA
The Benediction of Shade II - Joburg: City of Trees, David Krut, Johannesburg, ZA
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