Veronika HOLCOVA - Artist in residence, July, 2017


The paintings of Veronika Holcová are the result of a long-term process involving the application of numerous layers. At the start of the painting there is a stain that begins to spread more or less on its own across the horizontally placed canvas. As the paints soak into the canvas, they create sediments from which Holcová subsequently liberates concrete shapes. This search for forms within an undifferentiated mass of magma may recall the frottages of Max Ernst. Her resulting landscapes spread out and absorb all that they touch. They flow without beginning or end, in a strange timelessness, in the twilight or northern white nights – during the witching hour, when according to legend supernatural things happen. Micro-stories of a possibly fatal character play out, often unobserved, in mysterious scenes usually composed into three horizontal planes. The stories’ “perpetrators” are often inconspicuous human or animal actors that must be sought out in the folds of the landscape.

Extract from ‘Pandora's Vox’ catalogue written by curator Terezie Zemánková


Born 1973, Prague, Czech Republic
Lives in Prague, Czech Republic


1993-2000 Academy of Fine Arts Prague, 
master class drawing – Jitka Svobodová, 
master class painting – Bedřich Dlouhý, 
master class painting – Vladimír Skrepl, 
master class experimental graphics – Vladimír Kokolia


2002 Schwellenmatteli, Bern
2000 Egon Schiele Centre, Český Krumlov

Solo exhibitions

2016 Owl, Soul and Heart, Gallery Christopeh Cutts, Toronto, CA
2015 Homo Spiritualis, Laznia – Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, PL
Pandora's Vox, (Klara Kristalova,Sandra Vasquez de la Horra) 
Colloredo – Mansfeld Palace, City Gallery, Prague, CZ
Easter Nights, ( Anna Hulačová), Gallery Alternativa, Jihlava
Face to Face, Gallery Albrecht, Berlin, DE
Under Ground, Gallery Dole, Fiducia, Ostrava, CZ
2014 ANIMANIMUS, Gallery, Karlin Studios, Prague, CZ
Apparent Movement of the Sun, Gallery A.M.180,Prague, CZ
2013 Salto Mortale, Gallery Susanne Albrecht, Berlin, DE
Lilith, (Sandra Vasqueze de la Horra, Selina Baumann) 
Katz Contemporary, Zürich, CH
Chaos Gallery, Střítěž, CZ
2012 Gallery Caesar, Olomouc, CZ
Gallery Montmartre, Prague, CZ
Through The Needle's Eye As A Frame, Gallery 35m2, Prague, CZ
Gallery Baobab, Tábor, CZ
2011 Melancholia, Bárka Café, Ústí nad Labem, CZ
Musée d‘Art Moderne de Saint – Etienne Métropole, FR
2010 Onerous Past, Uncertain Future, Gallery Jiri Svestka, Berlin, DE
2008 Memory, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague, CZ
2007 Bilder, Galerie Albrecht, Munich, DE
2006 Territory, Galerie Albrecht, Munich, DE
2005 Territory, Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague, CZ
2002 Drawings, Pokorny Gallery, Prostejov, CZ
2001 Sweet Life, Gallery Behemot, Prague, CZ
Hand Made, Atrium, Prazak Palace, Moravian Gallery, Brno, CZ
Without Glasses, Communications Centre Skolska, Prague, CZ
2000 Galerie Starter & Sorter, Praha, CZ
1999 Czech Centre Bratislava, SK
1997 Situation of Veronika Holcová, Galerie Caesar, Olomouc, CZ

Group exhibitions

2016 SIGNIFIKANTE UNGEWISSHEITEN, Galerie Heike Curtze, Vienna, AT 
INTRIGUING UNCERTAINTIES, Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint–Etienne Métropole, FR
2015 Czech Dream, Czech Center, New York, USA 
Inside the Furnace and Beneath Kilns, SmaltArt, Vítkovice, Ostrava, CZ
Art from Heart, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, CN
The Mass Ornament, NG Nitra, SK
A Needle in a Haystack, Topičův Salon, Prague, CZ
2014 The Waking Dragon, Contemporary Inspiration from East–Asian Art, NG, Prague, CZ
On the Blue Shore of Silence, Gallery Tracy Williams, New York, USA
2013 Discrete Transformation, Topičův Salon, Prague, CZ
2011 Cabinet de dessin – Drawing in the Age of Fragility, Centro Arti Visive, Pietrasanta, IT
Erotic Revue, GASK, Kutná Hora, CZ
Ein Tanz, Hangar7, Salzburg, AT
Un Altro Romantico. Galleria Pack, Milan, IT
2009 Prague Biennale 4 – Expanded painting, Short List 09:12, Painters from Czech Republic, Karlín Hall, CZ
2008 Meditations Biennale, Poznan, PL
Central Europa Revisited II, Schloss Esterhazy, Eisenstadt, AT
Micro Narratives, Musée d‘Art Moderne de Saint–Etienne Métropole, FR
2007 Resetting – Jiné cesty k věcnosti, Municipal Library, City gallery, Prague, CZ
Micro Narratives, 48th October Salon, Belgrade, RS
New Patience, Exhibition Hall Manes, Prague, CZ
2006 Next Station Arcadia, Gallery of Modern Art, Roudnice nad Labem, CZ
City Gallery Pirna, DE
2005 International Biennale of Contemporary Art: A Second Sight, National Gallery in Prague, Veletrzni Palace, CZ
2003 Young Czech Art. National Gallery in Prague, Veletrzni Palace, CZ
2002 Visionaries and Narrators, Young Czech Art – Part 1: Painting, Kulturarbteilung Bayer, Leverkusen, Dormagen, Germany
2001 Laboratorium, National Gallery in Prague, Veletrzni Palace, CZ
2000 Girlshow, Bukurešť, Rumunsko / Bucharest, RO
Girlshow, Galerie Emila Filly, Ústí nad Labem / Emil Filla Gallery, Usti nad Labem, CZ
1999 Neplánované Spojení / Unexpected Connections. Exhibition Hall Manes, Prague, CZ
Girlshow, MXM Gallery, Prague, CZ
Heinous Deed, Salmovsky Palace, Prague, CZ
Visions, RC Roxy, Praha / Prague, CZ
1997 Dzyga Gallery, Lvov, UA
Sight, National Gallery, Banska Bystrica, SK
At Home, Synagogue, Šamorín, SK
Fruits from Prague, Czech Centre, Berlin, DE
1996 True Love, Velryba Gallery Velryba, CZ
1994 New Names, Spala Gallery, Prague, CZ


Revolver Revue, Petr Vaňous
Veronika Holcová. Na dosah ruky/ Within Hand´s Reach. Výstavní katalog / exhibition catalogue, Musée d‘Art Moderne de Saint Etienne Métropole 2011
Její paměť / Her memory. Výstavní katalog / exhibition catalogue, Galerie Jiří Švestka, Praha / Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague, 2008
D. Ž. Bor: Průvodkyně probuzenou pamětí. Tvar 10 / 2008
Radek Wohlmuth: Tryzna středního věku. Umělec international 1 / 2006
Veronika Holcová. Výstavní katalog / exhibition catalogue, text by Zdeněk Felix, Galerie Jiří Švestka, Praha / Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague, 2005
Tomáš Pospiszyl: Malba kresbou / Paint by drawing. Umělec international 5 – 6 / 2001


Tsunami Blues, Markéta Pilátová. Torst 2014
Milionové časy, 22 czech writers for ADRA , Argo 2014
Jiří Veselský, Luna je za vlakem poslední nárazník. Trigon, 2003
Kateřina Klaricová, Pohádky pro pana Izru. Baobab, 2001
Misprimares 80 000 palabras. Media Vaca, Libros para ninos, 2002


National Gallery in Prague, private and public collections in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom and the USA

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