Nikolas ANTONIOU - Artist in residence, May, 2017


Perhaps the most important moment in the life of a painting is the very moment that precedes its creation, the moment when the void, the blank, provides the artist with absolute freedom, the freedom to imagine, write, express himself, add, move, and remove. Few things in life have the power to allow so much freedom.

Then comes the moment when a line and a touch of color tentatively start to form a figure, an object. They demarcate areas, morph the two-dimensional into three-dimensional. As if within a foggy landscape, blurred images begin to emerge. It is precisely then that the liberated mind clings onto details and insignificant blots and, drawing on an assemblage of experiences, ideas and emotions, strives to generate combinations and fill the voids. It strives to clear the fog and bring out a clear picture, assign meaning to matter and discover the end of the story.

In this respect, my works remain almost incomplete in an effort to maintain this free rapport between canvas and creator. And whilst the materials stop to morph figures and objects, they do trigger a perceived completion of the work. In this manner they invite the beholder to join the rapport between artwork and artist as if he were holding an imaginary brush himself.

At the same time, there are few elements that I have spelled out with an eye to exposing the creative process around topics pertaining to the human being, their feelings and the way they relate to the surrounding space but also to their own selves.


Born 1988, Larnaca, Cyprus
Lives and works in Larnaca, Cyprus


2012 Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia, Greece

Solo exhibitions

2016 The Preservation of the Creative Process, Alpha C.K. Gallery, Nicosia, CY
2015 For the Purposes of Imperfection, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens, GR
2013 Sanitizing Logic 2, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens, GR
Sanitizing Logic, Apothiki 79, Larnaca, CY

Group exhibitions (selected)

2016 Art Athina, Athens, GR
Trace – Elements, Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, GR
2015 Ουδέτερον ήμισυ, Apothiki 79, Larnaca, CY
Preadexhibition, Fotolio – Typikon AE, Athens, GR
2013 Ευφραίνει Καρδίαν II, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens, GR
2012 IR E MO, Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Thessaloniki, GR
Maps 1987 - Travel 2012, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens, GR
Eumorfos Anthropos, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Florina, GR
Eumorfos Anthropos, Technohoros Art Gallery, Athens, GR
2011 Sixth Student Biennale of Fine Arts, Syntagma Metro, Athens, GR
2010 Time - Memory - Oblivion, Aianis Archaeological Museum, Kozani, GR
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