Hosook KANG - Artist in residence, August - September, 2016

Korean artist Hosook Kang, resident in New York for a decade now, has a calm approach to the issue of transcultural confrontation, never allowing it to stampede her into frantic gestures or chromatic imbalance. Having trained at Seoul Women’s University and Keimyung University in Daegu before finishing her graduate studies at the Pratt Institute of Design in Brooklyn, she melds Eastern and Western influences into a visual synthesis of subtle, sure-handed grace.
Looking through the lens of the past, Kang perceives the world as too amorphous, too changeable (within overriding constants, to foster belief that any one form — painterly, social, governmental — could definitively displace another. Rather all bleed into each other, coexist, and reciprocate — embodying flux within a fixed and timeless framework. Although every painting by Kang testifies to the persistence of “movement” and transformational “alchemy,” she is nevertheless an artist for whom beauty remains eternally valid.
(extract from Hosook Kang: Of Change and Constancy by Richard Vine)


Born 1960, Daegu, Korea
Lives and Works in New York City


2003-2005 Painting, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York
1999 MFA Painting, Keimyung University, Daegu, Korea
1983 BA, Seoul Women’s University, Seoul, Korea

Teaching experience

1999-2003 Instructor, Department of Art, Keimyung College, Daegu, Korea

Solo exhibitions

2015 New Works, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, SG
2014 New Works, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, HK
2013 New Works, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NY
2011 Of Change and Constancy, Gallery Korea Korean Cultural Service NY, NY
2009 In-Flight, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NY
2007 From Immanence to Transcendence, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NY
2006 Lightness of Being, Nabi Gallery, NY
2005 From Silence, Phoenix Gallery, NY
2000 White Painting, Art & Culture Center, Daegu, KR
1998 Abstract Image of Lighting, Byuk-A Gallery, Daeug, KR

Group exhibitions (selected)

Fermented Soul, Waterfall Mansion Gallery, NY
Group Show. Sundaram Tagore Gallery, Hong Kong, NY
New Creative Construct, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NY
Rasa: Contemporary Asian Art, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, NY
2009 Here & Now. Sundaram Tagore Gallery, HK
Here & Now. Sundaramtagore Gallery, HK
Golden Rain, The Eigeroya Lighthouse, Egersund, NO
In Your Inner Eyes, Sundaramtagore Gallery, NY
Light & Shadows, Sundaramtagore Gallery, Beverlyhillls, LA
Pan-Asian Group Show, Sundaramtagore Gallery, NY
2006 Secret Garden, Nabi Gallery, NY
2005 Members Group Exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, NY
2000 Daegu Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Deagu, KR
1999 Dong A Leading Artist Exhibition, Dong-A Museum, Seoul, KR

International art fairs

Art Miami, Miami. Represented by Sundaram Tagore Galley
Hong Kong International Art & Antique Fair, Hong Kong
ART Singapore, Singapore
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