Vladimir POTAPOV, RU

Vladimir Potapov in his artistic practice works with painting, exploring its medial bases and opportunities in today's context. His experiments and research are at the junctions with other media and art forms. Multi-layer painting, or so-called spatial painting that Potapov was first shown in 2011, opposes the convention picture and reveals picturesque-plastic option is not available in the traditional space of the painting. In the exhibition "Manifestation" an artist makes a contactless painting pigment, which was shown on a plane for a few seconds, revealing previously razed image. This pigment painting created without the participation of the artist, without the participation of its physicality - rolling in the pigment like Polaroids image shows.

Potapov pays special attention to new materials, in which he is seeking new expressive possibilities. As curator Potapov explores the state of painting in the context of Russian contemporary art: the exhibition "From the contrary», «Checkpoint».

From 2010 Potapov removes the film "nowhere" - a research project in which artists (art critics, art historians, curators, artists and practitioners) respond to the same 5 questions about the state of contemporary painting.

In 2015, for the exhibition "In memory" has created a series of works "inside". The main principle of the creation of which was the fact that the paint is applied to a surface, but instead removes and cleans. In this series in the message boards were a carrier, who for many years have been repeatedly repainted utilities. With stsarapyvaniya author discovers the old layers of paint and so form an image."


Born 1980, Volgograd, Russia
Lives and works in Moscow


2013- "The Open School MediaArtLab", Moscow, Russia
2010-2011 "Free Workshops" Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia
2009-2010 Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2001-2008 Art Studio Machov B.I. Volzhsky, Russia
2000-2001 Institute of Arts. Serebryakov, Volgograd, Russia


2016 Short-list Kuryokhin Award in the nomination The Best Work of Visual Art, St. Petersburg
2015 The exhibition In Memory - best exhibition in 2015 according to artguide.com, Egor Koshelev
Kandinsky Prize nominees in the category Young Artist of the Year
Exhibition Manifestation - the best exhibition of 2014 Readers' Choice portal www.aroundart.ru
Finalist competition STARTINART, K35 Gallery, Moscow
Long-list competition for young curators MCA Garage
1st place in the competition Monument Moscow Kings, Colta.ru
Nominees STRABAG Art award International, Austria
2nd place in the competition Riot of Colors, Fund Konstantin Smirnov and Vladimir Sorokin
The finalist of the international competition Portrait Now, them. Jacob Christian Jacobsen, Denmark
2009 The winner of the festival RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009 International Painting Competition, Moscow House of Artists

Solo exhibitions

2016 Inside, gallery H.L.A.M, Voronezh, RU
2015 In Memory, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, RU
Speck of Sun, Gallery Triumph, Moscow, RU
2014 Manifestation, Gallery Random, Moscow, RU
2013 The Wall, project CCA WINZAVOD, created layer Light, Moscow, RU
Transparent relations, Gallery Triumph, Moscow, Moscow, RU
2011 The moment of decay, Agency Art.ru, Moscow, Moscow, RU

Group exhibitions

Auction "Vladey. All 100", Moscow, RU
Reflection, Museum of Moscow, Moscow, RU
Auction, Vladey. All 100, Moscow, RU
Auction, Vladey. Autumn auction, Moscow, RU
Demotivatory, Gallery IMHO, Samara, RU
Panopticon, Institute. Bauman Moscow, RU
KIAF 2015, Korea International Art Fair, Seoul, KR
The expansion of space, GES-2, Moscow, RU
No time, SRC Winery, Moscow, RU
ARTBAT FEST 2015, Almaty, KZ
TRANSMISSION - Young Leipzig Artists in Moscow, Gallery Triumph, Moscow, RU
Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015, Jakarta, ID
Like Me! ... Or like the contemporary viewer, Gallery Bogorodskoye, Moscow, RU
ART BUSAN 2015, South Korea, KR
Art Miami New York fair, New York, USA
Portret now!, Museum Erarta, Saint-Petersburg, RU
The promise of the landscape, PERMM, Museum of Contemporary Art
Portret now, Erarta, St. Petersburg, RU
Earthing, Ground Project, Moscow, RU 
2014 Vienna Art Fair, Gallery Triumph, Vienna, AT
Carlson, Gallery Solianke, Moscow, RU
Magic, Gallery A3, Moscow, RU
Cates in the Manezh, New Manege, Moscow, RU
Exhibition nominees Kandinsky, the cinema Drummer, Moscow, RU
Artsloy, International Festival of Contemporary Art, Volgograd, RU
Burlaki: between Europe and Asia, the Factory kitchen, Samara, RU
Size Matters, Gallery on Peschennoy, Moscow, RU 
Artissima Fair, Gallery Triumph, Torino, IT
Start in art, Gallery K35, Moscow, RU
Do not even dream, Gallery RuArts, Moscow, RU
HIGH-TOUCH, CCA Falcon, Moscow, RU 
It is not a museum. Laboratory aesthetic suspicion, parallel program Manifesta 10, St. Petersburg, RU
Casus Pacis, museum of street art, a parallel program of the Manifesta 10, St. Petersburg, RU 
Shumotron,  Museum Erarta, Saint-Petersburg, RU
Space Lucida, NCCA, Moscow, RU 
Last check, Gallery Z & L, Moscow, RU
2013 Open Innovation, Media Forum, Crocus City, Moscow, RU
UCHRONIA, 5th special project of the Moscow Biennale, Museum of Schuseva, outhouse Ruin, Moscow, RU
Three Days in October, Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, Moscow, RU
Nothing like this, special 5th Moscow Biennale, The Museum of Moscow, Moscow, RU
Tradition and Modernity. The symbolic realism, special 5th Moscow Biennale Art Guslitsa, Moscow region, RU
Art Moscow, Gallery Triumph, Central House of Artists, Moscow, RU
Nowhere, Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art, Samara, RU
A riot of colors, Fund Konstantin Smirnov and Vladimir Sorokin, Moscow, RU
The study research, MMOMA, Moscow, RU
Transparent relations, Gallery Triumph, Moscow, RU
Minimum distancing, playground perimeter Art, Moscow, RU
Portret now!, Museum Erarta, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, RU
How are you? East Gallery, Moscow, Russia, RU
The other side of things, the site perimeter Art, Moscow, RU
Street-Museum-Street-2013, Samara, RU
2012 ANONIMUS, Museum of Modern Art, Perm, RU
Workshop 2012, The Rejected reality, Artplay, Moscow, RU
Checkpoint, festival Live Perm, Perm, RU
Checkpoint, Museum Erarta, Saint-Petersburg, RU
Prize Strabag award, short-list, Vienna, AT
Checkpoint, CTI Factory Project, Moscow, RU
XVI International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow, RU
Artguslitsa, Ilyinsky, Moscow region, RU
2011 The sleeping area. Open lesson NCCA with the school № 109, Moscow, RU
Distortion. Land, the agency Art.ru, Moscow, RU
Workshop 2011: Today and Tomorrow MMOMA, Moscow, RU
Shiryaevskaya Biennale, p. Shiryaevo Samara, RU
Impossible Community, MMOMA, Moscow, RU 
9th Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale In Depth, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk, RU
Deformation, East Gallery, Moscow, RU
XV International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow, RU
Art and Reality, International Forum, St. Petersburg, RU
2010 Not a step back, Gallery of Julia and Marat Gelman, Moscow 2010, RU
Archstoyanie 2010, (festival of landscape objects) on Nicola Lenivec, Kaluga region, RU
XIV International Contemporary Art Fair Art Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow, RU
On the contrary, CSI Vinzavod, the workshop Red, RU
Sleeping area: Stopping School School № 45, Lyubertsy, RU
Rostov Biennale of Contemporary Art, Rostov, RU
III Competition for Young Artists Gallery Anna Nova, short-list competition, the project one-way ticket, St. Petersburg, RU
2009 RUSSIAN ART WEEK 2009, International Painting Competition, the winner in the Realist Painting, Moscow House of Artists, RU
International Festival Traditions and Modernity, Manege, Moscow, RU

Curatorial projects

2015 Total in particular, ARTBAT FEST, Almaty, KZ
2013 Internal Taiga, Oksana Simatova and Peter Goloshchapov (Group CrocodilePOWER), Gallery Triumph, RU
Intersections, Maria Sharov and Dmitry Okruzshnov, Ggallery Triumph, RU
Three Days in October, Museum of Contemporary History of Russia (together with 
Ilya Budraitskis, Ilya Bezrukov), Moscow, RU
Archeology of Memory, Valentin Korzhov, Gogol-Center, Moscow, RU
Nowhere, Gallery New Space, within Shiryaevo VIII Biennial of Contemporary Art, Samara, RU
Sopromat, Artplay, Moscow, RU
2012 Checkpoint, Museum Erarta, St. Petersburg, RU
The constant presence, Blaznov Andrey, Gallery Triumph, Moscow, RU
Checkpoint, festival Live Perm, Perm, RU
Blackout, Tkach Valentine Gallery Triumph, Moscow, RU
Courier, Alexey Vasilyev, Gallery Triumph, Moscow, RU
Checkpoint, CTI Project Factory, Shop Olivier, Moscow, RU
2011 Ni vozmis, film-interview, Art and Reality, International Forum, St. Petersburg, RU
2010 On the contrary, CCA Vinzavod, Workshop of the red., RU


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