Candaş Şişman (born in İzmir, 1985) after finishing İzmir Anatolian Fine Arts High School graduated from Eskişehir Anatolian University Animation Department. During his undergraduate studies he took multimedia design education for one year in Netherlands. in 2011 he founded NOHlab studio with Deniz Kader. Since 2006 he has received many awards such as honorary mention from ARS ELECTRONİCA in Computer Animation/ Film /VFX category and Rome Viedram Festival Video and Sound Design best prize. He has participated to many important festivals like Nemo Digital Arts and Film Festival and Offf İstanbul 2012. Candaş Şişman recently realized Yekpare projection mapping with Nerdworking within İstanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture activities and ‘FLUX’ audiovisual installation among İlhan Koman Hulda festival in İstanbul. The artist is representing by Pgart gallery in Turkey.
Involved with spur of the moment event, Sisman incorporates abstract narrative language, his works contain a naivety and simplicity in contradiction with the commotion and ideology of life in general. These ‘events’ that emerge are tossed into the open by passing them through an emotional and perceptual filter of data and situations in the external world without preponderance. His works are a momentary / flow related audiovisual process.
People start recognizing they are nothing when depth of their awareness enhances. Its the nothingness within the most intricate details that allow for his complex simplicity.


2003-2009 Eskisehir Anadolu University – animation department, TR
2006-2007 Noordelijke hogeschool multimedia design – Leeuwarden, NL
1999-2003 Izmir fine art high school, TR

Work experience

2011-pres. Co-founder of NOHlab – Design and Direction
Nerdworking – Art direction, Animation
Co-founder of Silo–1 visual solutions –


2011 Prix ARS Electronica Computer Animation/Film/VFX, Honorary Mention
Digital Graffiti festival, Best Animated submission prize
2009 Viedram Video and sound design festival, Best sound video prize
2008 Nokia short film competation 3th prize
2006 TAPDK against cigarette advertisement spot competation, mention prize
Apple i–can competation animation category best image prize
Kisa cek uzun olsun competation animation category best image prize
3th Istanbul international animation festival best visual effect prize

Solo and group exhibitions (selected)

2013 The Language of Silence, Nevra Karaca No:7 Exhibition with NOHlab - Joyce Gallery, Paris, FR
2012 01 Candas Sisman - PG Art Gallery, Istanbul, TR
Contemporary İstanbul Art Fair
Amber festival 2012, İstanbul Technical University, Istanbul, TR
Commons Tense / New Media Arts from Turkey exhibition, Todays Art festival – Den Haag, NL
Purification Group Exhibition, PG Art Gallery, İstanbul, TR
Affective State, Parlor X: Tophane–i Amire Culture and Art Center, İstanbul, TR
Uncannygames - PG art gallery,Tahtakale Turkish Bath, İstanbul, TR
TİMEless exhibition, Superfront – Pacific design center, Los Angles, USA
Hikikomori group exhibition, Piha art Gallery, İstanbul, TR
Symmetry / Gates exhibition, Young projects gallery – Pacific design center, Los Angles, USA
İlhan Koman: Hulda Festival, Journey into Art and Science Exhibition, Plato Art Space, Istanbul, TR
İstanbul 2010 European capital of culture, Live and works in Istanbul 
Karanliktan sonra group exhibition - 5533 gallery, Istanbul, TR
00000000,–10 Group exhibition, Daralan gallery, Istanbul, TR
G–Design fair, KR
Resfest sinektaaruz illustration exhibition, Istanbul, TR
Katman collective web exhibition , – Kurye video
Candas Sisman solo exhibition , Gallery ¾, Istanbul, TR
2007 17th Istanbul art fair – Istanbul, TR
NIKE and Bant magazine vintage exhibition, Kanyon, Istanbul, TR
Instant istanbul exhibition, Sodra theatre in Stockholm, SE
International student trienal, Marmara University, Istanbul, TR
Candas sisman – Onur senturk collective exhibition, Anadolu University
2003 Igsl student exhibition, Cetin Emec art gallery, Izmir, TR

Performances (selected)

2013 Audiovisual performance with WEED, Borusan Music House, İstanbul, TR
Off İstanbul festival, performance with Hazavuzu, Brussel, BE
2012 Deep Space Music, ARS Electronica Festival, Linz, AT
Under An Alias: Projection mapping performance - Genius Loci festival, Weimar, DE
Ses & Isık with Ankara State Choir, Ankara, TR
Lucifer Fall - EA Theatre, Utrecht, NL
2011 Sperm festival, Mapping performance with Deniz Kader, Utku Tavil and Giray Gürkal, Meetfactory, Prague, CZ
Kayıtdışı design week, audiovisual performance with ZEER, İndigo, İstanbul, TR
Mapping performance with Deniz Kader and Islak köpek, Borusan Music House, İstanbul, TR
2010 Melting pot Free Improvised Music From Istanbul concert series, Nublu, İstanbul, TR
Tepe İnşaat–"Narkule" Indoor Projection Mapping – The seed, Istanbul, TR
Haydarpaşa da bahar festivali –Yekpare– projection mapping performance, Istanbul, TR
Babylon Audiovisual Monday, stereoscopic audiovisual performance, Istanbul, TR
2009 Babylon lounge Audiovisual Monday, Istanbul, TR
Arka oda, Istanbul, TR
Opening of IV Kargart Video days with Daire 2:GG, Istanbul, TR
2008 Spektro Experimental music festival with Cenk Ergun, Dogzstar, Istanbul, TR
00000000,–10 Group Exhibition Daralan, Istanbul, TR
Eskisehir open air art festival, Eskisehir, TR
Kargart other sounds music festival, Istanbul, TR
Gallery 3/4 Candas Sisman solo exhibition audiovisual performance, Istanbul
2007 Repelstij audiovisual performance, Leeuwarden, NL
Gevende concert, oyun atolyesi, Istanbul, TR

Festivals and screenings (selected)

2012 OFFF Istanbul Festival, TR
FLUX - Harmon corner Las Vegas, USA
Colloid -Target City Light, Minneapolis, USA
2011 ARS Electronica, Animation Festival, Linz, AT
Campus party Millennium, Granada, SP
Remusica Contemporary music festival Festival, Pristina, Kosovo
Jauna Muzika electronic music Festival, Vilnius, LT
Muv Music and digital art Festival, Florence, IT
Fiber Audiovisual network Festival, Amsterdam, NL
2010 The State of the art, Romanian academy of Rome, IT
Time square – New York, USA
Nemo festival – Paris, FR
2009 Olympia Experimental Music Festival – Washington, USA
Offf 2009 catologue – Oerias, PT
Viedram Video and sound design festival Roma, IT
A wee tasty experiment – Glasgow, UK
Kurye video art festival, Akbank sanat, Bilgi university, Istanbul, TR
Audiopleasures.blogspot audiovisual festival – Amsterdam, NL
20th Ankara film festivali, 35 video from turkish video art , Ankara,TR
3th Upgrade International Gathering video screenings – Skopje, MK
Appliances 8, Cafe oto – London, UK
10, Animated dreams animation film festival – Talinn, EE
Lab Partner 2008 screenings – Oxford, UK
Light night leeds festival, Outdoor AV night – Leeds, UK
Zlin dog international student film festival – Zlin, CZ
Resfest digital film festival – Istanbul, TR
Kargart videoart festival – Istanbul, TR
IF Istanbul film festival – Istanbul, TR
2007 Leeuwart festival – Leeuwarden, NL
2006 Istanbul modern art museum short film days, Istanbul, TR
TAPDK commercial spot competation, Istanbul, TR
Istanbul International animation festival, Istanbul, TR
2005 Apple i–can competation, Istanbul, TR


2010 European capital of culture, Live and works in istanbul workshops,
İnstructor: PETER KOGLER – Kadırga Art production center, İstanbul, TR
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